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Shifting Assistant

We present you your personal Shifting Assistant! The Assistant is a dedicated and exclusive person.

Our Assistant gets appointed to all our customers, and works in close liaison with the customer and the moving staff. The Assistants are one-stop solutions to all your queries and concerns related to your movement. He will be the one who will ensure that your movement passes from one stage to another smoothly and as per your laid demands.

Also, he will be the one who will keep you updated about the status of your consignment. This will end all your hassles and put an end to all your energies invested in calling or running after tons of people in order to make your relocation successful.

Special Carrier

We have invested a lot of our efforts to provide our customers with a solution of delivering their precious car and consignment together concurrently. This Carrier is an outcome of our researched ways and is capable enough to transport your household goods and car at the destination at a time.

It has conquered the yearnings of our customers who use to get pestered with the difference in the time of delivery of their car and their household goods. With the aid of this Carrier, we deliver their goods and car, together on the priority and pocket friendly basis.

Perfect Box

We have evolved novel concept of moving your delicate goods in a strongly structured box.

These boxes have an edge over cartons as they are more robust, durable and are capable to damp shock impulses too. The items accommodated in these boxes sit snugly in it and are completely safe from external damages. The walls of the box are water resistant and its lid act as a perfect sealing cover.

Safety Belts

With the help of these belts, we secure the electronic or heavy items to a position with the walls of our Household Carriers. These safety harnesses provide a firm grasp to the luggage so fixated, which saves them from getting damage at the time when the carriers are brought to a halt or during a mishap.

We have embedded these belts in all our carriers to provide complete safety to your consignment when it is under our surveillance. We take all these pains so as to back our commitments of safe transportation.